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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In 2013 Bloomberg is asked, 'In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?' He responds, 'Uh, we'll get right back to you'-1/18/2013, Bloomberg interviewed in Washington DC

Jan. 28, 2013, "Mayor Bloomberg BUSTED on gun control question," You Tube video

On 1/18/2013 Bloomberg was in Washington, DC for a Mayors conference. It was a logical time to ask about the privilege of armed guards he enjoys but would deny others:

At :20: Mattera to Bloomberg: "In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?

Bloomberg: "Uh, we'll get right back to you."

Mattera: "You'll get back to me? Would you like a sip of my soda? (Mattera displays an an extra-large cup of soda. Bloomberg in 2013 was still trying to ban large sodas in NY City.). Mayor Bloomberg, why can you defend yourself but not the majority of Americans? I mean, look at the team of security you've got. And you're an advocate for gun control?"... 


Added: Additional source for 1/13/2013 interview above:

1/28/2013, "BREAKING: NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg uses bodyguards to bully journalist in Washington (Updated)," pj media, Bryan Preston

"Jason Mattera caught up with New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg at the US Conference of Mayors on January 18 [2013]. Bloomberg has been making headlines lately for pushing gun control, and New York State passed one of the most sweeping gun bans in the nation earlier in January [2013].

Mattera confronts Mayor Bloomberg and asks him to disarm his praetorian guard, in the spirit of gun control. Bloomberg balks.

"Uh, we'll get back to you on that," Bloomberg says. Bloomberg's five visible, and very large and armed, bodyguards get between Mattera and the mayor.

But that's not where the story ends.

Once Mattera's brief conversation with Bloomberg is over, he leaves the scene.

And one of Bloomberg's body guards follows him.

Though the confrontation took place in Washington, D.C., NYPD Officer Stockton claims that he has "security jurisdiction." Officer Stockton then tries to get Jason's personal information. Mattera refuses, so Officer Stockton follows him down the street. The officer is clearly trying to intimidate Mattera for asking Bloomberg a question that made the mayor uncomfortable. There is no reason to believe that the officer is acting without orders from Mayor Bloomberg.

Mattera has been playing clips from the video today on the Andrea Tantaros Show with Jason Mattera."...


Added: Bloomberg sees us as his subjects:

2011, "An Open Letter to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg," from Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Rabbinic Director, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

"Mr. Mayor, your citizen disarmament is an act of hypocrisy. Unlike nearly all the rest of us, everywhere you go you are surrounded by official armed guards, police escorts, and your highly trained personal private bodyguards. (See photo below). Mr. Mayor, is your life worth more than the lives of your fellow citizens? 
Or are we mere “subjects” in your eyes?...

Tyrants like Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao "pioneered the bloody trail of "gun control" in the 20th Century. Why do you so thoughtlessly, in effect, mimic the insidious actions of these monsters?
This apparent elitism on your part makes your recent publicity stunt in Arizona even more cynical. You sent NYPD agents all the way across the country to purchase guns -- but you can't deploy enough police to protect your own City residents?

And if you expose your city’s residents via such a manpower diversion, how do you justify denying these residents the right to protect themselves with a firearm?

Mr. Mayor, do you need a rabbi to tell you that your actions are wrong and immoral?

This nation’s Bill of Rights is a sacrosanct public trust. You are a public servant. You swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. As you blatantly disregard the Second Amendment, the actual “Guardian” of all the rest of the Bill of Rights, I must ask you: 

Did you knowingly lie when you took your oath of office?...

Are you aware that Senator Thomas Dodd asked the Library of Congress to translate the Nazi Gun Control Laws into English for him, and that he incorporated language from these laws into the Gun Control Act of 1968 that he authored? How can it be that you, a Jew, are enforcing Nazi-inspired laws?" image from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership


Added: Bloomberg's fight to ban big sodas in NY City began in 2012 and ended in 2014:

6/27/2014, "New York’s highest court strikes down New York City big soda ban," Washington Post, Eugene Volokh

"From yesterday’s N.Y. Statewide Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce v. N.Y. City Dep’t of Health & Mental Hygiene (N.Y. June 26, 2014) (a 4-to-2 decision): 

"We hold that the New York City Board of Health, in adopting the “Sugary Drinks Portion Cap Rule,” exceeded the scope of its regulatory authority. By choosing among competing policy goals, without any legislative delegation or guidance, the Board engaged in law-making and thus infringed upon the legislative jurisdiction of the City Council of New York…

“[I]t is the province of the people’s elected representatives, rather than appointed administrators, to resolve difficult social problems by making choices among competing ends.” The focus [of the analysis] must be on whether the challenged regulation attempts to resolve difficult social problems in this manner. That task, policy-making, is reserved to the legislative branch.""...


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Every US baby is born in bondage to the parasitic Endless War Industry currently enraged it's had to wait so long for US taxpayer funded nuclear war with Russia. Utter slime Chertoff among "advisors" at their wits' end itching for Russia war, now reduced to trying to find fake news on twitter via so-called Alliance for Securing Democracy-Adam Carter, Disobedient Media....(Hey Chertoff-How would you make a living if you weren't a blood drenched parasite?)

1/29/18, "Meet The Cabal That Are Framing Domestic American Activism As “Russian Influence” and “Fake News”," Adam Carter, Disobedient Media

"At the beginning of 2017, an initiative was launched by a non-partisan think-tank called the German Marshall Fund US (GMFUS) under the name “The Alliance For Securing Democracy” (ASD). 

During the Summer, ASD started working on a project they called the “Hamilton 68 Dashboard, an effort that was presented to the public as a means of monitoring Russian disinformation efforts on Twitter, apparently boosted by research covering a three year period. 

Over recent months, the press has reported on what the dashboard identifies as Twitter activity from those ASD have classified as Russian or, at least, involved in Russian influence operations. 

Although some in the mainstream press have divulged the association between ASD and GMFUS, hardly anyone has disclosed the affiliations between those running ASD and special interests, or similar connections with the advisory board of GMFUS....

The Alliance For Securing Democracy Advisors

Michael Chertoff

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security from 2005 to 2009
Chertoff Group co-founder (risk-management and security consulting)
Senior of counsel at the Washington, DC law firm Covington and Burling
Chairman of BAE Systems 2012-2015.
Co-Author of the PATRIOT Act.
Endorsed Hillary Clinton.


Michael McFaul

Apecial asst to president and senior director for Russian and Eurasian Affairs at the National Security Council at the White House from 2009 to 2012, then U.S. ambassador to the Russian Federation from 2012–14. Senior fellow at Freeman Spogli Institute for Int. Studies. Peter and Helen Bing senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. NBC analyst, WAPO columnist.


Bill Kristol

Weekly standard editor, Facebook fake-news arbiter
Served on the board of the Project for the New American Century (1997–2005) and the Foreign Policy Initiative (2009–17)
Chief of staff to Vice President Dan Quayle (GWB administration)
Endorsed Hillary Clinton

Michael Morrell

Former acting CIA director 2011, 2012-13 and as deputy director and director for Intelligence.
Beacon Global Strategies
as a senior counselor since November 2013
Played a central role in the United States’ fight against terrorism and was one of the leaders involved in the location and capture of Osama Bin Laden
Wrote an op-ed in the NYT endorsing Hillary Clinton
Proposed giving weapons to Ukraine in response to alleged hacking of US election.


David Kramer
Former senior director Human Rights and Democracy, McCain Institute for International Leadership
Freedom House – former president. Served 8 years in U.S. Department of State under GWB. Advisory council for GWB Presidential Center’s Human Freedom Project.
On board of directors at Halifax International Security Forum. Worked at CSIS in 90s.
Was reportedly directed to meet with Steele in London by McCain
Was a senior fellow at the Project for a New American Century
International Advisory Council at the Center for European Policy Analysis
In addition, Kramer is a member of the Ukraine Today media organization’s International Supervisory Council.
In 2016 Kramer argued that the Minsk II peace agreement should be scrapped and western sanctions on Russia maintained.
Has spoken out against Obama and Clinton in the past.

Toomas Ilves
Elected president of the Republic of Estonia in 2006 and in 2011
Worked on ICT for the UN
Former Vice president of European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee
Former Foreign affairs minister and ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to US and Canada
Is World Economic Forum co-chair. Fellow at the Hoover Institution

James Stavridis

US Navy (ret.) commander of European Command and as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe from 2009 to 2013.
Chairman of US Naval Institute Board of Directors.
U.S. Southern Command in Miami 2006–09 and Enterprise Carrier Strike Group, in Arabian Gulf for Op. Iraqi Freedom and Op Enduring Freedom from 2002–04.
Former NATO Commander


Mike Rogers

Former Congressman, officer in the Army, and FBI special agent. Former chair of U.S. House Intelligence Committee as leader on cybersecurity and national security policy, oversaw the intelligence agencies’ $70 billion budget. CNN national security commentator, hosts and produces CNN’s “Declassified.” Chief Security Adviser to ATandT, on board of IronNet Cybersecurity and MITRE Corporation, advises Next Century Corp. and Trident Capital. Distinguished Fellow and Trustee at Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, Senior Fellow at Belfer Center, Harvard.
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Committee on Energy and Commerce. Introduced CISPA.


Nicole Wong
Former U.S. chief tech officer for Obama. Previously Google’s vice president and deputy general counsel, and Twitter’s legal director for products. Chairs board of Friends of Global Voices. On boards of WITNESS, the Mozilla Foundation,  advisor to the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley,  Harvard Business School Digital Initiative, the DNC Cybersecurity advisory board, Refactor Capital, and Albright Stonebridge Group.
Associate at Perkins Coie LLP in 1997 and was named a partner in 2000. Wong represented media clients including the Los Angeles Times, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, and before joining Google.


Kori Schake

Former White House National Security Council, Department of Defense for the Office of the Secretary and Joint Chiefs of Staff, State Department for the Policy Planning Staff. In 2008, Kori was senior policy advisor on the McCain–Palin campaign. Research fellow at the Hoover Institution. Co-authored “Warriors and Citizens: American Views of Our Military” with Jim Mattis. Teaches at Stanford, contributing editor covering national security and international affairs at The Atlantic, columnist for Foreign Policy magazine, contributor to War on the Rocks.
Contributed to conceptualizing and budgeting for continued transformation of defense practices, the most significant realignment of U.S. military forces and bases around the world since 1950, creating NATO’s Allied Command Transformation and the NATO Response Force, and recruiting and retaining coalition partners for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Julianne Smith

Deputy national security advisor to Joe Biden (2012 to 2013), acting national security advisor to Biden in 2013, principal director for European and NATO policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon.
Senior fellow and director of the Transatlantic Security Program at the Center for a New American Security.
Contributor to Foreign Policy.


Jake Sullivan

Obama admin national security advisor to Joe Biden, director of Policy Planning at the U.S. Department of State, deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He was the senior policy advisor on Secretary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He is now a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Martin R. Flug visiting lecturer in law at Yale Law School.
– Was spoken of as a front-runner for the position of U.S. National Security Advisor under a Hillary Clinton administration prior to her electoral defeat. 
There are quite a few Democratic party figures, people that worked in the state department, people that endorsed Clinton, Foreign Policy publication contributors, people that have worked on the National Security Committee and those with ties to the US intelligence community and NATO.

I can’t speak for others, but personally, when it comes to considering all the affiliations, associations, influences and endorsements – I struggle to see how such a collective can be expected to carry out the role of an impartial arbiter on the topic of disinformation.

While they remain opaque on what they’ve classify as “Russian influence” and “disinformation”, there’s little reason to assume the results of their efforts will inherently be credible.

Twitter contradicting their assertions obviously does their credibility no favors either."

For more information about ASD’s advisors/staff, check out Glenn Greenwald’s Intercept article on the topic."



Florida school shooter's former guardian kicked him out of her Florida trailer after a dispute over his gun collection. Shooter's 17 year old brother was committed by guardian the day after the massacre. Now guardian seeks control of shooter's inheritance from his deceased mother-NY Post

2/20/18, "Woman who cared for Florida shooter wants control of his inheritance," NY  Post, by Laurie Mizrahi and Max Jaeger, Parkland, Florida

"The woman left in charge of the accused Florida school shooter and his brother after their mom died last year filed court papers the day after the massacre seeking to be put in charge of the dead woman’s will — then had the alleged shooter’s brother involuntarily committed, a source close to the family revealed to The Post.

Shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19, and brother Zachary Cruz, 17, were put in the care of Roxanne Deschamps after their mom, Lynda Cruz, died from pneumonia on Nov. 1, but Deschamps kicked Nikolas out of her Lantana, Fla., trailer after a standoff over Cruz’s gun collection.

She even took $2,900 from the teen before giving him the boot, a source close to Deschamps told The Post.

Police say Nikolas admitted that he shot up his former high school Feb. 14, killing 17 and injuring 15 in the worst school shooting since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

The following day, Deschamps filed a petition to administer Lynda’s estate, court records obtained by The Post show.

If the petition is granted, she would be responsible for settling Lynda’s debts and doling out the kids’ inheritance. Lynda did not leave a will, and the petition filed does not indicate what her estate is worth, records show.

A family who took Nikolas in said he stood to inherit $800,000 on his 22nd birthday following his mom’s death.

Cruz told them he believed Deschamps was trying to steal his inheritance.

If Deschamps’ petition is granted, she could charge the estate a fee for settling it for the kids, though that fee would be subject to a judge’s review, according to Florida probate lawyer Robert Wolf, who is not involved in the case.

Deschamps filed the petition on the grounds she is “caring for a 50 percent minor beneficiary” — Zachary — according to court papers.

But the source said Deschamps was the one who had Zachary involuntarily committed on Friday. The state cannot hold minors for observation more than 12 hours unless there is a medical reason. It is unclear if he has been released.

Deschamps had six months from Lynda’s Nov. 1 death to file the petition, and her attorney Audra Simovitz called the decision to file the day after the slaughter “appropriate.”

Deschamps has declined to comment.

Cruz could still get his share if convicted, though “anything that boy inherits — he’s gonna be sued and it’s gonna be taken away,” Wolf said."


Total Russian trolls spent on key swing states: Pennsylvania $300, Michigan $823, Wisconsin $1979, per Senate Intelligence Committee. Per Facebook, over half the money was spent AFTER the election-Mark Simone, Byron York

Per Senate Intelligence Committee, total Russian trolls spent "rigging" key states:

Wisconsin: $1979
Michigan: $823
Pennsylvania: $300

From Mark Simone Twitter, 2/19/18

Additional source:

"Looking at key states, the total spent on ads targeting the super-important state of Pennsylvania was just $300, according to Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr. Ad spending in another key state, Michigan, was $823. In Wisconsin, it was $1,979....

"Facebook said that of ad "impressions"...just 44 percent came before the election, while 56 percent came after the election, and thus did not affect its outcome. And about 25 percent of the ads were never seen by anyone, Facebook added."...

2/20/18, "A Non-Alarmist Reading of the Mueller Russia Indictment," Byron York, 


Judge Emmet G. Sullivan orders Herr Mueller to turn over all evidence favorable to defendant Michael Flynn including information Mueller deems not to be material-PJ Media, 2/19/18

2/19/18, "Judge Orders Mueller to Provide Flynn’s Attorneys With 'Any Exculpatory Evidence'," PJ Media, Debra Heine 

"A federal judge has issued an updated standing order in the case of U.S. v. Flynn, suggesting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team may have withheld exculpatory evidence in prosecuting former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, United States district judge for the District of Columbia, on Friday issued what is called the “Brady rule," which requires the prosecution to turn over "any exculpatory evidence" to the defendant in a criminal case, meaning Mueller must provide Flynn with all information that is favorable to his defense.

Flynn’s attorneys should begin receiving the required disclosures from the special counsel’s office any time now, and there is reason to believe there will be bombshells.

Prosecutors working for Mueller charged Flynn with lying to FBI agents on November 30, 2017. He pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to the FBI before federal judge Rudolph Contreras the next day.  Contreras was recused from the case less than a week later -- likely because he served on the special court that allowed the FBI to surveil the Trump campaign based on a FISA application that relied heavily on the unverified anti-Trump dossier.

Flynn's alleged crime occurred on Jan. 24, 2017, when two FBI agents went to the White House to question him about telephone conversations he'd had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition in late December 2016.

Subsequently, according to the Washington Examiner, "Comey told lawmakers that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe that Flynn had lied to them, or that any inaccuracies in his answers were intentional."

This is why Flynn's guilty plea remains one of D.C.'s greatest mysteries. The FBI reportedly did not think Flynn had even done anything wrong in the phone calls to the Russian ambassador -- so what was there to lie about?

But as Powell pointed out in The Daily Caller, "people who are innocent enter guilty pleas every day.

"They simply can no longer withstand the unimaginable stress of a criminal investigation. They and their families suffer sheer exhaustion in every form — financial, physical, mental, and emotional. Add in a little prosecutorial duress — like the threat of indicting your son — and, presto, there’s a guilty plea." 

Sullivan's initial standing order issued on December 12, 2017, directed “the government to produce to defendant in a timely manner – including during plea negotiations – any evidence in its possession that is favorable to defendant and material either to defendant’s guilt or punishment.” The standing order also directed the government to submit information to the court "which is favorable to the defendant but which the government believes not to be material.”

The updated version added one sentence specifying that the evidence the government must produce “includes producing, during plea negotiations, any exculpatory evidence in the government’s possession.”

According to Margot Cleveland, a lawyer who writes for The Federalist, the revised version is significant because "it indicates that if the government did not provide Flynn material evidence during plea negotiations, Flynn has grounds to withdraw his plea."

Sidney Powell writes that Sullivan "is the perfect judge to decide General Flynn’s motion."...

Given Sullivan's history of holding abusive prosecutors in check, Mueller’s vaunted "legal pitbull" Andrew Weissmann may have reason to be concerned.

Weissmann has a history of prosecutorial misconduct dating back to 1997, when he was officially reprimanded by a judge in the Eastern District of New York for withholding evidence, as Sara Carter recently reported.

Weissmann and another Enron Task Force member also reportedly terrorized an Arthur Andersen partner into pleading guilty unnecessarily.
Weissmann and Caldwell made Duncan testify at length against Arthur Andersen when they  destroyed the company and 85,000 jobs only to be  reversed by a unanimous Supreme Court three years later. Turns out, the “crime” they “convinced” Mr. Duncan to plead guilty to was not a crime at all. The court allowed Duncan to  withdraw his plea. And, that was not the only Weissmann-induced plea to be withdrawn either. Just ask  Christopher Calger.
As Powell points out, former FBI director James Comey admitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee last May that he leaked a memo detailing his conversation with President Trump deliberately to “trigger” Robert Mueller’s investigation. Since Flynn's guilty plea, we've learned that that memo was classified.

Meanwhile, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to release his highly anticipated report on the FBI and DOJ's investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server within the next six weeks. Horowitz is credited with discovering the Strzok-Page emails revealing the agents working on an "insurance policy" with Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.



Monday, February 19, 2018

Voting machines in US 50 states aren't connected to the internet, per Vermont Sec. of State Jim Condos-NPR, All Things Considered, 2/19/18

State voting machines are not connected to the internet. Therefore, no "election hacking," "attempted election hacking," "attempts to infiltrate," or "infiltration" of 2016 voting machines could possibly have taken place. If ISIS, Russia, or anyone else wants to "hack" an internet connected US entity in 2018 they can do so with top-secret NSA computer code US has used to break into foreign government networks. Since August 2016, NSA hacking software has been available on the internet. No surprise, since an NSA employee removed secret data for 16 years and no one noticed. 

2/19/18, "States Seek To Prevent Election Hacking,", All Things Considered, produced by NPR and WNYC 

"NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Vermont Secretary of State and President-elect of the National Association of Secretaries of State Jim Condos, about state's efforts to protect elections from hacking. Feb 19, 2018" 

NPR host: "America's intelligence agencies are urging officials from Washington to state capitols to get ready. They expect Russia to try to hack this year's midterms, just as it [allegedly] tried to infiltrate the 2016 elections."... 

NPR host: "But when it comes to actual attempts to "hack into" voting machines, tell me about the steps Vermont is taking to prevent that from happening." 

Jim Condos, Vt. Sec. of State: "First I want to be very, very clear. The vast majority of the states use similar but different machines. And none of those machines are connected to the internet."

Mr. Condos notes that 100% security is not possible on any computer.


Comment: Everyone agrees no computer is 100% safe. Simple solution: Election data such as voter roles, registration, etc., should be handled as they were before computers existed. This will save taxpayers billions. The parasitic "cyber security industry" (eg, CrowdStrike) will have to get along without US taxpayer handouts.

Added: US "hacking" tools, not those of ISIS or Russia, are most likely to be used against US targets in 2018. Since being placed on the internet in August 2016, stolen NSA hacking tools have already been used against US entities. Officials say an NSA insider most likely removed the data. The NSA and US government, not Russia, are proved to be the greatest danger to Americans. "NSA can't keep its most valuable data from being stolen, or as it appears in this case, being used against us."... 8/21/2016, Reuters...."United States intelligence agencies have rushed to create digital weapons that they cannot keep safe from adversaries or disable once they fall into the wrong hands." 6/28/17, NY Times

In August 2016, a group called Shadow Brokers announced it was auctioning off highly classified National Security Agency hacking tools. Since then, NSA's finest cyber weapons have been used to attack US entities: 

6/28/2017, "Hacks [using NSA weapons] Raise Fear Over N.S.A.’s Hold on Cyberweapons," NY Times,

"A series of escalating attacks using N.S.A. cyberweapons have hit hospitals, a nuclear site and American businesses. Now there is growing concern that United States intelligence agencies have rushed to create digital weapons that they cannot keep safe from adversaries or disable once they fall into the wrong hands.... 

Though the identities of the Shadow Brokers remain a mystery, former intelligence officials say there is no question from where the weapons came: a unit deep within the agency that was until recently called “Tailored Access Operations.”...

For the American spy agency, which has invested billions of [taxpayer] dollars developing an arsenal of weapons that have been used against the Iranian nuclear program, North Korea’s missile launches and Islamic State militants, what is unfolding across the world amounts to a digital nightmare. It was as if the Air Force lost some of its most sophisticated missiles and discovered an adversary was launching them against American allies — yet refused to respond, or even to acknowledge that the missiles were built for American use. 

Officials fret that the potential damage from the Shadow Brokers leaks could go much further, and the agency’s own weaponry could be used to destroy critical infrastructure in allied nations or in the United States....

In the past two months [2017], attackers have retrofitted the agency’s more recent weapons to steal credentials from American companies. Cybercriminals have used them to pilfer digital currency....

The [Tuesday, June 2017] attacks inflicted enormous collateral damage, taking down some 2,000 global targets in more than 65 countries, including Merck, the American drug giant, Maersk, the Danish shipping company, and Rosneft, the Russian state owned energy giant. The attack so crippled operations at a subsidiary of Federal Express that trading had to be briefly halted for FedEx stock....

Armed with the N.S.A.’s own tools, the limits are gone.

“We now have actors, like North Korea and segments of the Islamic State, who have access to N.S.A. tools who don’t care about economic and other ties between nation states,” said Jon Wellinghoff, the former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission."... 


Added: "Even the arrest of whoever is responsible for the leaks may not end them."

11/12/2017, "Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core," NY Times, Scott Shane, Nicole Perlroth, David E. Sanger 

"A serial leak of the agency’s cyberweapons has damaged morale, slowed intelligence operations and resulted in hacking attacks on businesses and civilians worldwide....

Current and former agency officials say the Shadow Brokers disclosures, which began in August 2016, have been catastrophic for the N.S.A., calling into question its ability to protect potent cyberweapons and its very value to national security. The agency regarded as the world’s leader in breaking into adversaries’ computer networks failed to protect its own.... 

The Snowden trauma led to the investment of millions of dollars in new technology and tougher rules to counter what the government calls the insider threat. But N.S.A. employees say that with thousands of employees pouring in and out of the gates, and the ability to store a library’s worth of data in a device that can fit on a key ring, it is impossible to prevent people from walking out with secrets....

Mr. Williams said it may be years before the “full fallout” of the Shadow Brokers breach is understood. Even the arrest of whoever is responsible for the leaks may not end them, he said — because the sophisticated perpetrators may have built a “dead man’s switch” to release all remaining files automatically upon their arrest.

“We’re obviously dealing with people who have operational security knowledge,” he said. “They have the whole law enforcement system and intelligence system after them. And they haven't been caught.""...

"If that’s the case, it's one more reason to question the usefulness of an agency that secretly collects private information on millions of Americans but can't keep its most valuable data from being stolen, or as it appears in this case, being used against us."... (8/21/2016, Reuters) 

(NY Times): "Long known mainly as an eavesdropping agency, the  

as an especially productive way to spy on foreign targets. The intelligence collection is often automated, with malware implants — computer code designed to find material of interest — left sitting on the targeted system for months or even years, sending files back to the N.S.A.

The same implant can be used for many purposes: to steal documents, tap into email, subtly change data or become the launching pad for an attack. T.A.O.’s most public success was an operation against Iran called Olympic Games, in which implants in the network of the Natanz nuclear plant caused centrifuges enriching uranium to self-destruct. The T.A.O. was also critical to attacks on the Islamic State and North Korea. 

It was this arsenal that the Shadow Brokers got hold of, and then began to release."...

Additional Reuters source on NSA theft:

8/21/2016, "Commentary: Evidence points to another Snowden at the NSA," Reuters, James Bamford, commentary

Added: First public awareness of massive NSA code breach was August 2016 with Shadow Brokers announcement (though the theft may have occurred months before). Theft includes NSA code that enables malware to stay on systems for years undetected. 

8/16/2016, "Shadow Brokers’ Leak Raises Alarming Question: Was the N.S.A. Hacked?" NY Times, David E. Sanger 

Print ed. August 17, 2016, Page A1 of New York ed. with the headline: Top-Secret Code Released by Hackers Points to Breach at N.S.A.

"The release on websites this week of what appears to be top-secret computer code that the National Security Agency has used to break into the networks of foreign governments and other espionage targets has caused deep concern inside American intelligence agencies, raising the question of whether America’s own elite operatives have been hacked and their methods revealed. 

Most outside experts who examined the posts, by a group calling itself the Shadow Brokers, said they contained what appeared to be genuine samples of the code--though somewhat outdated--used in the production of the N.S.A.’s custom-built malware.

Most of the code was designed to break through network firewalls and get inside the computer systems of competitors like Russia, China and Iran. That, in turn, allows the N.S.A. to place “implants” in the system, which can lurk unseen for years and be used to monitor network traffic or enable a debilitating computer attack. 

According to these experts, the coding resembled a series of “products” developed inside the N.S.A.’s highly classified Tailored Access Operations unit, some of which were described in general terms in documents stolen three years ago by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor now living in Russia.

But the code does not appear to have come from Mr. Snowden’s archive, which was mostly composed of PowerPoint files and other documents that described N.S.A. programs. The documents released by Mr. Snowden and his associates contained no actual source code used to break into the networks of foreign powers. 

Whoever obtained the source code apparently broke into either the top-secret, highly compartmentalized computer servers of the N.S.A. or other servers around the world that the agency would have used to store the files. The code that was published on Monday dates to mid-2013, when, after Mr. Snowden’s disclosures, the agency shuttered many of its existing servers and moved code to new ones as a security measure.... 

Around the same time, WikiLeaks declared that it had a full set of the files — it did not say how it had obtained them — and would release them all in the future. The “Shadow Brokers” had said they would auction them off to the highest bidder.... 

The N.S.A. would say nothing on Tuesday about whether the coding released was real or where it came from. Its public affairs office did not respond to inquiries....

There are other theories, including one that some unknown group was trying to impersonate hackers working for Russian or other intelligence agencies. Impersonation is relatively easy on the internet, and it could take considerable time to determine who is behind the release of the code.

The Shadow Brokers first emerged online on Saturday, creating accounts on sites like Twitter and Tumblr and announcing plans for an auction. The group said that “we give you some Equation Group files free” and that it would auction the best ones. The Equation Group is a code name that Kaspersky Labs, a Russian cybersecurity firm, has given to the N.S.A.

While still widely considered the most talented group of state-sponsored hackers in the world, the N.S.A. is still recovering from Mr. Snowden’s disclosures; it has spent hundreds of millions of dollars reconfiguring and locking down its systems. 

Mr. Snowden revealed plans, code names and some operations, including against targets like China. The Shadow Brokers disclosures are much more detailed, the actual code and instructions for breaking into foreign systems as of three summers ago. 

“From an operational standpoint, this is not a catastrophic leak,” Nicholas Weaver, a researcher at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, Calif., wrote on the Lawfare blog on Tuesday.

But he added that “the big picture is a far scarier one.” In the weeks after Mr. Snowden fled Hawaii, landing in Hong Kong before ultimately going to Russia, it appears that someone obtained that source code. That, he suggested, would be an even bigger security breach for the N.S.A. than Mr. Snowden’s departure with his trove of files.

However, the fact that the code is dated from 2013 suggests that the hackers’ access was cut off around then, perhaps because the agency imposed new security measures."...

Added: NSA employee, Harold T. Martin III, removed classified NSA material, took it home for 16 years, and no one noticed. His home was finally raided on August 27, 2016. He's not believed to be connected to Shadow Brokers: 

5/16/2017, "Malware Case Is Major Blow for the N.S.A.," NY Times, Scott Shane

"He has long held a high-level clearance and for a time worked with the N.S.A.’s premier hacking unit, called Tailored Access Operations, which breaks into the computer networks of foreign countries and which developed the hacking tools later obtained by the Shadow Brokers. According to one person briefed on the investigation, Mr. Martin was able to obtain some of the hacking tools by accessing a digital library of such material at the N.S.A.... 

Mr. Martin, an enigmatic loner who according to acquaintances frequently expressed his excitement about his role in the growing realm of cyberwarfare, has insisted that he got in the habit of taking material home so he could improve his skills and be better at his job, according to these officials. He has explained how he took the classified material but denied having knowingly passed it to anyone else.... 

The material the F.B.I. found in his possession added up to “many terabytes” of information, according to court papers, which would make it by far the largest unauthorized leak of classified material from the classified sector. That volume dwarfs the hundreds of thousands of N.S.A. documents taken by Edward J. Snowden in 2013 and exceeds even the more voluminous Panama Papers, leaked records of offshore companies obtained by a German newspaper in 2015, which totaled 2.6 terabytes. One terabyte of data is equal to the contents of about one million books.
F.B.I. agents on the case, advised by N.S.A. technical experts, do not believe Mr. Martin is fully cooperating, the officials say. He has spoken mainly through his lawyers, James Wyda and Deborah Boardman of the federal public defender’s office in Baltimore....

In interviews, officials described how the Martin case has deeply shaken the secret world of intelligence, from the N.S.A.’s sprawling campus at Fort Meade, Md., to the [Obama] White House. They expressed astonishment that Mr. Martin managed to take home such a vast collection of classified material over at least 16 years, undetected by security officers at his workplaces, including the N.S.A., the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Pentagon offices. And they are deeply concerned that some of the mountain of material may, by whatever route, have reached hackers or hostile intelligence services.

Investigators discovered the hacking tools, consisting of computer code and instructions on how to use it, in the thousands of pages and dozens of computers and data storage devices that the F.B.I. seized during an Aug. 27 [2016] raid on Mr. Martin’s modest house in suburban Glen Burnie, Md. More secret material was found in a shed in his yard and in his car, officials said.

The search came after the Shadow Brokers leak set off a panicked hunt at the N.S.A. Mr. Martin attracted the F.B.I.’s attention by posting something on the internet that was brought to the attention of the N.S.A. Whatever it was — officials are not saying exactly what — it finally set off an alarm.

The release of the N.S.A.’s hacking tools, even though they dated to 2013, is extraordinarily damaging, said Dave Aitel, a former agency employee who now runs Immunity Inc., an information security company.

“The damage from this release is huge, both to our ability to protect ourselves on the internet and our ability to provide intelligence to policy makers and the military,” Mr. Aitel said. 

The N.S.A.’s hacking into other countries’ networks can be for defensive purposes: By identifying rivals’ own hacking methods, the agency can recognize and defend against them, he said. And other countries, with some of the N.S.A.’s tools now in hand, can study past hacks and identify the attacker as the N.S.A., learn how to block similar intrusions, or even decide to retaliate, Mr. Aitel said.

Mr. Martin, 51, a Navy veteran who was completing a Ph.D. in information systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, has worked for several of the contracting companies that help staff the nation's security establishment. After stints at the Computer Sciences Corporation and Tenacity Solutions, where he was assigned to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, he joined Booz Allen Hamilton in 2009. He worked on that firm’s N.S.A. contract until 2015, when he was moved to a different Pentagon contract in the area of offensive cyberwarfare."...image from NY Times


Florida school killer had key to gun safe his guardian didn't know about. "After Wednesday's shootings, he realized Mr. Cruz had an extra key"-Wall St. Journal

2/19/18, "Family Who Housed Florida School Shooter Describes the Days Before the Attack," Wall St. Journal, Zolan Kanno-Youngs 

"The days before Nikolas Cruz allegedly opened fire in a high school in Parkland, Fla., were normal, said James Snead, the man who was housing the 19-year-old....

Mr. Cruz had lived with the Snead family for only a few months. Mr. Snead and his wife had invited Mr. Cruz, a friend of their son, to move in after his mother died in November.

Mr. Snead, a gun owner, said he required Mr. Cruz to follow house rules. He told Mr. Cruz that he would need his own gun safe for his firearms in order to live with the Sneads. Mr. Cruz owned “five or six guns,as well as pellet guns, and they were all bought legally, Mr. Snead said.

“He followed [the rules] to the T,” Mr. Snead said. Mr. Snead had what he thought was the only key to the safe, he said. After Wednesday’s shootings, he realized Mr. Cruz had an extra key.

He definitely had a key to the gun safe I didn’t know about, Mr. Snead said.

A Broward County sheriff spokeswoman said the investigation is ongoing and declined to comment further. The public defender’s office, which is representing Mr. Cruz, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Mr. Cruz faces 17 charges of premeditated murder for the attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Since the killings, neighbors and classmates have described disturbing behavior by Mr. Cruz, including an obsession with weapons. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has said it didn’t follow up on a January tip about Mr. Cruz’s behavior. A former neighbor said she called the police two years ago after Mr. Cruz posted on social media that he wanted to shoot up a school."...




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